Paul Cunningham



Contemporary Western

Paul is a self-taught artist who displayed his artistic genius and passion from an early age. He was inspired by a deep appreciation of the West, fueled by many boyhood trips to our neighbors in Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico. The amazing ability to capture the true magic of the West is
one of Paul's special gifts.


With Paul standing on the dawn of his third decade, one experiences an evolution of inventive natural progression with thoughtful intent and imagination that is immediately obvious in Paul's latest pieces.


Across the years, Paul has displayed his work in numerous galleries, appearing in premier publications such as Southwest Art. His art has been the recipient of the prestigious George Phippen Memorial Foundation Award. His pieces have sold around the world including Europe and South America.



Paul's venture into abstract work offers a style featuring minimal imagery, a proprietary high-gloss application on the finish layer and stirring splashes of color which merge into intense artistic creations. The deep, rich pallet- high clarity, full purity are Paul's signature trademarks found in these pieces. The enthusiast gazes through layers of transparent glaze applied in a pain-staking, time-consuming process.


The end result always draws the art lover in with a broad spectrum of hues which find a way of sublimating to the overall theme.


The appeal of Paul's abstract work is that the color interacts with space and light to create transient forms that virtually appear to change before your eyes and initiates continual conversation.

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